Class promotions will be decided by the headteacher/ academic Coordinator at the end of the academic session according to laid down criteria.
The general rules to regulate the conduct of annual examinations and class promotions are as under:
• A student with less than 80% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the AnnualExamination.
• Leave application for sickness during examinations must be supported by the medical certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner.
• A student who fails in any subject, will not be considered for class position, merit badge, reward etc.
• A student who fails to appear in any terminal / annual examination for any reason, will not be placed for position in the consolidated result.
• Use of unfair means or cheating during the examinations will result in cancellation of the paper, along with a strict disciplinary action. Recurrence of such an act will lead to expulsion from the School.
• A student who happens to miss the annual examination as a whole or has been absent in any paper for a genuine reason, may be considered for promotion to the next class keeping in view his/her performance in the terminal examinations and class tests.
• Failures in a class will be allowed to repeat the class subject to permission grants by the Director. If a student fails for the second time in the same class, he/she will be compulsorily detached from the school.
• Answer sheets of terminal examinations duly checked/assessed may be handed over to the students. However, answer sheets of annual examination will be retained by the School for future reference but no longer for a period of one year.

Summer Zone:
1st Term Examination Last Week of August
Annual Examination Last Week of January
Winter Zone:
1st Term Examination Mid June
Annual Examination Mid November
All the examinations shall be conducted by the School Examination Section as a centralized examination system except the examinations due for conducting by the Board in which the school is affiliated.
Class tests in all subjects are conducted regularly on fortnightly basis. Being an important tool of summative assessment, these tests help teachers and parents to pinpoint learning difficulties and to adopt remedial measures accordingly. Marks obtained by the students in these periodic tests are regularly communicated to parents through students’ diaries.
These examinations are held at the end of each term. In no case shall a student be allowed to appear for re-test / re-examination in any terminal / annual examination for the subject(s) he / she missed. The class promotions are decided on the basis of student’s performance in the examinations held at the end of final term of the academic session.

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